Monday, 6 November 2017

Sydney Freecon 2017 - L. J. Kendall interview

Discussing writing, self-publishing, and my sci-fi/fantasy series, The Leeth Dossier. With Q&A.

Once again I burdened an innocent member of the audience with the request to video the talk just using my tiny Canon Ixus7 camera, no tripod, just holding it by hand. (Thanks again to Arthur Dimitriou for graciously accepting the challenge!)

Apologies for the background noise from the nearby main road.

Links mentioned:

Luke's Amazon author page.
The Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.
My cover designer, Mirella de Santana.
Luke's facebook page.
Luke's wonderful editor.
Earlier blog articles about the series (e.g.): All About Leeth

Sydney Freecon 2017, Nov 3,4,5.

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